Sunday, September 18, 2016

Make Perfect Espresso with the Krups Coffee Maker

When it comes to automation and still delivers cup after cup of perfect espresso coffee, your final stop is a Krups coffee maker. All you have to do is press the button and wait for the cup to fill.

Here’s why:

This coffee machine is fully automatic complete with an integrated coffee grinder. Press the button for the number of espressos you want and it automatically grinds the right number of beans from its receptacle, brew the number of cups you told it to do. You do not even have to dispose off the grinds. It disposes the used grinds to its receptacle. Talking about having an easy cup with the perfect bite, this one is for you. Now you do not have to wake up very early in the morning to do the grinding and the brewing. No need for the characterless instant coffee that is a boring morning fare.
This Krups coffee maker cleans itself too. It de-scales itself and features an automatic cleaning so that maintenance is easy. Make easily with best single serve coffee maker reviews

This Krups coffee maker has two versions, the Espresseria automatic XP9000 and the XP7200 models.

Krups Coffee Maker – XP9000

The Espresseria XP9000 makes perfect cappuccino, hot chocolate and café latte at a touch of a button. The easy to read control panel lets you to prepare your coffee through its pre-selected program settings. All you do is press the desired number of cups and coffee style, desired temperature and strength of coffee. This Krups coffee maker cleans itself with its automatic de scaling and rinsing capabilities and is not only compatible with whole coffee beans but also with ground coffee.

The Krups Four Cup Coffee Maker 

Brew up to eight ounces of perfect cappuccino prepared in a traditional way. The four-cup Krups coffee maker comes with a steam nozzle complete with frothing attachment to make that perfect coffee espresso the way it should always be done. Simply add the correct measurement of coffee into the filter basket in the filter holder, add water, click the switch and wait for your coffee. The four-cup Krups coffee maker lets you brew up to 8 oz. of espresso coffee. The coffee carafe can hold up to forty ounces of brewed coffee and automatically stops the brewing process once the carafe is lifted from its warmer that is useful when you want a mid brew pour.

Krups Coffee Maker – XP7200

The XP7200 is ultra compact that comes with an integrated percolation chamber, thermo block system, and a 15 bar pump. This Krups coffee maker allows easy coffee preparation through its fully automated programmable easy to read LCD control panel for desired number of coffee cups, strength and temperature. The Krups coffee maker XP7200 is equipped with a burr grinder that allows you to select the kind of grind desired. To assure coffee freshness all the time, the XP7200 Krups coffee maker’s translucent 275 grams coffee chamber is provided with a hermetic seal. The 1.8 liters water tank is also translucent with an empty water detection system.
All Krups coffee makers are designed to blend well with any kitchen scheme and motif. Its design could add elegance to the most modern kitchen and is a perfect addition to the most modern kitchen appliances.
Krups coffee makers carry a warranty for one year and parts are available in the net.
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